We’re developing cutting-edge game frameworks.

Wuxian.io provides a sophisticated NFT gaming platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency users.

Wuxian.io is to build a transparent game platform without manipulation of elements in the game, such as probability issues while providing a variety of NFTs that can be enjoyed by anyone and satisfy the user’s desire to collect.

In addition, within these game services, users can participate in the Wuxian.io ecosystem through the WWIN token. It will provide a variety of functions such as playing games, getting opportunities to acquire NFTs.

Problem & Solution

We are developing a state-of-the-art NFT & Blockchain game framework and WWIN ecosystem for blockchain and cryptocurrency gamers.

Problems with Current Online Games

Game manipulation committed by some service owners or solution providers in the online gaming market has reduced trust in the market as a whole, and damage caused by fraudulent services is steadily increasing.

Opportunity in the Blockchain & NFT Games

Currently, the overall volume of the web-based gaming market and the blockchain-based cryptocurrency gaming market is quite different, but as the blockchain industry is expected to make huge growth, the web-based gaming service will gradually move to a blockchain platform using cryptocurrency.

Our goal is to become the industry-leading team in the rapidly growing blockchain/cryptocurrency NFT game market.

Our Solution

NFT Blockchain Game Framework & Platform

Wuxian.io will give the solution for the problems such as item probability manipulation in some games by providing transparent game services and solutions based on smart contracts.

That will allow users to own and exchange unique digital items. The reward for the game activities will be distributed in NFT, and it can be used in the other games, too.

WWIN Token Economy

WWIN Token is a key cryptocurrency of the Wuxian.io ecosystem, and can be used as a payment method to play ‘Collect’ NFT games on the game platform, or receive Play-To-Earn rewards.

Token Ticker & Name


Initial Token Supply

14,166,667 WWIN

Token Standard

ERC-20 Standard (Ethereum Mainnet)

Maximum Token Supply

20,000,000,000 WWIN

Token Contract Address


Token Sale Allocation

200,000,000 WWIN

Initial Token Allocation

WWIN Total Allocation

The Roadmap

With help from our teams, contributors and partners, these are the milestones that we are planning to achieve.

Wuxian.io NFT Game Platform with WWIN Token Ecosystem

We have developed a cutting-edge NFT game framework that helps us to create a variety of ‘Collect’ and ‘Play’ category games. Wuxian.io will create a massive NFT game ecosystem based on the framework.

Wuxian.io will provide a variety of blockchain-based NFT game series to our players.

Players can collect, combine, and reinforce various NFT characters and items through Wuxian.io’s ‘Collect’ game. This whole process leads to the user’s NFT game items and characters becoming powerful and attending the ‘Play’ game.

  • Smart contract & Blockchain
  • ‘Collect’ Series Games
  • ‘Play’ Series Games
  • Hybrid NFT & Collection System
  • WWIN Token Economy

Games Under Development

We will provide lots of Collect & Play NFT games to the platform users. With WWIN Token and NFT Characters, anyone can easily participate and enjoy in our game platform.

The Leadership Team

Wuxian.io Team combines a passion for blockchain-based game solution development & unique content creation

CEO & Founder of Wuxian.io
Dennis Zen
CTO of Wuxian.io
Suzie Tan
CSO of Wuxian.io

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of the WWIN Token and Wuxian.io project. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

What Will Wuxian.io Do?

Wuxian.io will provide NFT game platform based on transparent blockchain technology and cutting-edge Blockchain Game Framework.

What's Wuxian.io Game Ecosystem?

Our game ecosystem is based on the ‘Collect & Play’ model, and its model consists of ‘Collect’ games, whose main goal is to collect NFT, and ‘Play’ games where users can enjoy battles directly using their NFT.

Which solution do Wuxian.io Team provide?

We provide Blockchain-based NFT game framework and platform. This will help game players to play lots of NFT games without any worries.

How can I contact to cooperate with Wuxian.io team?

Please contact [email protected] for inquiries. Our contact and B2B team will help your inquiries.

What is WWIN Token?

WWIN Token is a key cryptocurrency of the Wuxian.io ecosystem. The utility token allows users to play our 'Collect' games, enhance or trade it.

What is WWIN Token's utility?

Wuxian.io NFT game players can use WWIN tokens for ‘Collect’ gameplay, strengthening and combining acquired NFTs. It's also possible to participate WWIN Staking program.

What blockchain network does WWIN use?

WWIN Token is based on the Ethereum Mainnet (ERC-20 Standard), but it can be expanded to numbers of high-performance blockchain networks.

I'd like to know WWIN information

Please check our 'WWIN Token' tab on our official website or check the Whitepaper. We are providing detailed information about the token.

What is Wuxian.io's core business?

Wuxian.io develops NFT game frameworks, and operates NFT Game Platform with lots of contents using our own game framwork.

What is the ecosystem structure?

We have built a system so that players on the game platform can use WWIN tokens to get NFTs on the 'Collect' series games, or receive play rewards with WWIN Staking System.

What is the advantage of Wuxian.io Ecosystem?

We efficiently combined the structure that rewards based on the amount of WWIN balance, and the Play-To-Earn structure that rewards based on Wuxian.io NFT gameplay. It can minimize abnormal participation issue in the current game platforms.

What will platform users do on the ecosystem?

Users of the Wuxian.io NFT Game Platform will use WWIN tokens for ‘Collect’ gameplay to get rare NFTs. They will also enhance or play with the NFT and receive WWIN rewards.

Where can I find Wuxian.io community?

We have lots of open community channels. Find out our Medium, Telegram, Twitter links from our website.

Where will the announcement be released?

We will share the important announcements with all our community channels. So please keep tuned!

Do your community managers send PM?

Definitely not. Our community managers and admin will never send PM first. All of them are phishing so please be careful.

Where can we share opinions about WWIN token?

Please feel free to contact and discuss opinions with our official Telegram community!

What is Wuxian.io's core technology?

Our core technology is 'Wuxian.io NFT Game Framework', which has a lot of system to provide fun and stable NFT game experience to users.

What is the wallet system?

It is included in the Wuxian.io NFT game framework and designed to consider the characteristics of supporting various cryptocurrencies. Through that, users can check various blockchain-based cryptocurrencies, tokens, and items, and use them to enjoy games.

What is management system?

The monitoring system includes features such as network status monitoring, deposit and withdrawal monitoring, and gameplay monitoring according to the characteristics of games based on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT.

What is the Wuxian.io solution's Blockchain Back-End?

To provide industry-leading blockchain game performance while offering a variety of blockchain networks and smart contract compatibility, the Wuxian.io NFT game framework is equipped with a ‘Blockchain back-end’. designed with the most technical resources.

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